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DEIS has brought forth many video series for guiding & training the unemployed youths. >> Click Here to see Sample.

UVM video list of Different Enterprises (In Hindi)>>

UVM video list of Different Enterprises (In Marathi)>>

UVM video list of Different Enterprises (In English)>>



  • Udyojakata Vikas Malika (UVM) (Enterprise Development)

      "Friends, Welcome to UDYOJAKTA VIKAS MALIKA video films. You may have observed in and around you that many youths are having small enterprises of their own. They use their education, experience and their own efforts for their economic activity which is worthwhile. You must take inspiration from such youths and also learn about a number of enterprises. This will help us to think concretely about some enterprise of our own. Well, UVM is precisely this. It brings to you a number of cases of enterprises , Industries both from service and manufacturing."

      Dr.Pradeep Wagh, Secretary General, DEIS


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